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Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
's debate and help get more young people engaged in the political realm. i have always said if you don't do politics, you have it done to you. -- [inaudible] you choose ton address the important issues. transport, employment, marriage equality, and education. these are the issues that this has debates regularly. and i'm sure your insights will inform our debates too. the current financial crisis has hit young people hard. 150,000, 16 to 24-year-old have been unemployed for more than six months. it's more important now than ever to stand up and make your voices heard. today is part of that. all three major political parties have shown an interesting in lowing the voting age to 16. hope you can be ambassador to show your generation are engaged, passionate and key to getting involved in the political process. [inaudible] the parliament why you understand that politics is not a spectator sport. you have shown that your willing to take responsibility for articulating the vision of young people today. and you have shown you care about what is going on in our society. and you want to change it to
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
, but the problem of front is that we don't know, people are actually earning. in a model, there will have to be lots of adjustments made. i think making it loan-based and having them based on income and a set of rules that would keep people from gaming the system is a much better model than trying to plug the hole. and it also addresses the up front issues of students that are, for the first time, able to assess if they are prepared to do college level work. if we base their repayment on their income, if that experience doesn't influence their income, they are off the hook. i am not an economist, so i am not -- and in terms of ideas that i see as game changers, that is one that has been flooded and it has worked extremely well and australia and the uk. the political aspect would be huge. >> low-income students are risk averse. they do not have secret bank accounts where they can address the situation. and if they fail, the burdens of being on them. they are less likely to pursue a college education if it means earning more than their parents do in a year. we expect pell grant recipients t
Dec 30, 2012 6:00am EST
. i have spent a number of years in the building. if sam raburn is not a reflection of that, i don't know who is. >> how about presidents under which you have served? >> ronald reagan. i had the honor of serving with him and he signed air quality district act for southern california. the first preschool program in the country was signed by ronald reagan. people hardly believed that but he was willing to use government in a way that was responsive to real challenged that government should be dealing with. i was proud that we had a chance to work together in connection with some of that. >> if you look across, it's a lot of history, 34 years altogether, is there a time when you look back and say those are the best years. those are the ones i enjoyed the most. >> every year that goes by it amazes me that i am still here. i did not plan to be here this long. if i did not have the chance to serve in some of those appropriations we would not have stayed this long. there are many ways to impact the process and the future of congress itself. it is my intention to try to do that regardless
Dec 30, 2012 10:30am EST
said to me the other day, don't you sometimes feel like saying, hey, i told you so? it doesn't do any good. i do feel somewhat vindicated and that alan greenspan wrote in his book that he wished he had listened to my advice. it has not added up cargo during the same perio -- added up. >> during the same period, we had a two board sort of budget. >> -- two off-budget wars. >> shame on us. we of collectively made decisions -- and i thought going to iraq was a big mistake. it had nothing to do with the attack on united states in 9/11. but there was an amazing amount of confusion in the country. people somehow believe that iraq was behind 9/11. it was all kind operating out of afghanistan. -- al-qaeda operating out of afghanistan. another very serious misjudgment they're paying for. >> we have about 10 minutes left with you. i want to switch topics. he has also been a big step in of energy policy -- champion of energy policy. discovery of natural gas in your state has changed the economy. where do you think this new discovery of this resource is going to lead us? >> i did it is incredibly
Dec 30, 2012 2:00pm EST
and house progressives in particular. don is on the democrat's line. go ahead with your comments. caller: i am an old disabled veteran. i love this country so much. i cannot understand for the life of me what our government is trying to do with the bickering and tearing each other down, tearing the country down. why in the world can these supposedly intelligent groups of men and women not get together to work out for the best interest of all concerned, all 330 billion americans, what is the best course to take? just take it. none of this squabbling. get together, folks. let's have some harmony in warrington. that is what we need. we need more on selfishness. a lot less ulterior motives. no more 2000 page bills that no one can understand. we do not need more of that crap in washington. we need some representation. get your act together. >> we are going next to minneapolis, minnesota. john, welcome. >> all of this gridlock going on right now, what is clearly evident to me is that the republican party has pure interests in mind. they're willing to touch medicare and social security, but not th
Dec 30, 2012 6:30pm EST
don't know if that was just a bit of harry reid your market -- humor or she had made a counteroffer and they did not want to make it public. that is how it has been. lots of information, lots of lawmakers trafficking. not a lot of good, solid information as these are pending. >> one story is that much mcconnell had gone to speak with vice president biden. what can you tell us? guest: the republican leader calls joe biden off the bench. it is what we had been waiting for. the senate republican leader and the vice-president have a good working relationship. we saw that in the debt ceiling debate. they swooped in at the and down the made the deal happen. -- at the end and made it happen. it was an interesting move by mitch mcconnell to call joe biden today and try to jump- start these negotiations when they locked up with the majority leader on the democratic side. i think that will be something to watch here in the coming hours. how will it play? there are many concern that maybe you will cut a bad deal. will joe biden come in to embolden the republicans or will the democrats altogeth
Dec 29, 2012 2:00pm EST
to return to the moon without a viable alternative. ?hy don't you elaborate this seems to me the space station is number one. if we cannot do that we cannot do anything. we lose our international partners. we need more money. i think it is too late to ask for the addition that would help us that was suggested by a man that has ever been made. you will know whether or not the consensus is needed. it does nasa believe a consensus is needed? >> would you like to insurance -- answer the international or nasa question? >not being with nasa today, i think they do feel frustrated by the disconnect between the white house and congress. they would like to have some clear direction and support. if you ask them as representatives of the administration, i think they would say we have a direction and policy. we're trying to execute that as howe know the policy is disconnected from technical and political reality. i agree with you that the space station is the most vital immediate thing we need to be focused on we have to be looking at what comes after the space station. this is where our par
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7